Cumberland County

Welcome to the Cumberland County, Illinois Miscellaneous page.  This page is devoted to miscellaneous records, history, and any other information relating to Cumberland County.  This can include such things as bible records, obituaries, church records, old pictures (preferably in jpeg format), old newpaper articles, histories of Cumberland County towns, townships, or families.  It can be just about anything of genealogical interest relating to Cumberland County.  However, limited web space prevents me from posting such things as gedcoms.  Please use the Cumberland County, IL Query/Data board to post your data items and utilize the Message Type option to classify the items.  If you have anything else you think might be of interest, feel free to contact me.


KINGERY Gravesite  (Barbara Clayton)
Brush Ridge School Class Pictures  (Kathy Willis)
Liberty Hill Church & Cemetery  (Michael L. Hébert)

Odds & Ends

HEATER Bible Record  (Mary Watson)
Daniel F. RANDOLPH (b. 30 Jan 1830)  (Nancy Alice Laws Edersheim)
HUFFMAN 1872 Letter  (Mara Harris)
DECKER - WELLS Marriage Certificate 1884  (Yolanda Lewis)


Michael L. Hébert
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