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Welcome to the Cumberland County, Illinois Plat Map page.  Below is a plat map of Cumberland County showing showing civil townships, cities, villages, and cemeteries, plus survey townships and sections.  The information on the map was compiled from a variety of sources and may not be complete, especially with regard to cemeteries.  If you see anything that needs added or corrected, please contact me.  A big thank you goes to Glenna Tippett Mullen for her help in verifying many of the cemetery locations and her continuing efforts in improving the accuracy of the map.

You can use the map below in conjunction with the Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales database to pinpoint the exact locations of orginal land purchases in Cumberland County (county code 018).  At the bottom of the page at the web site is a good description of how to use township, range, and section data to find a location.  The database gives you the survey township (such as Twp. 9N), range (such as Rng. 8E), section number (1 to 36), and section part (such as NESW), which you can then use to find the location on the map.  More information land surveys in Illinois can be found at the Land Sales in Illinois web site.

The plat lines for the survey townships, ranges, and sections on the map below are not exactly as they appear on an actual detailed plat map.  I have straightened out and squared off the lines.  An ideal section is a square of one mile on each side.  However, the realities of surveying the earth's surface has caused the slight deformation of the survey lines in many places, so every section is not a perfect one-mile square.  But, the map below is accurate in the respect that the cities, villages, and cemeteries are shown in their true survey townships and sections.

Many of the places on the map can be found in the USGS Geographic Names Information System database.  You can generate maps at this site that show other features such as highways, roads, railroads, rivers, etc.

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              Plat Location *        
   Cemetery Name        Township (civil)    Sec. Part.   Sec.   Twp.   Rng.                 Map Links                
Allison 1 Woodbury SE - NE 28 9N 9E
Bear Creek (or Goodwin) Sumpter SE - SW 15 10N 8E
Bell Union SW - SW 25 11N 9E
Berry Sumpter SW - SE 26 10N 8E
Block (or Mt.Zion) Greenup SW - SE 19 9N 10E
Boots (or Northway) Greenup NE - NE 31 10N 10E
Bright 1 Sumpter NE - SE 23 10N 9E
Brush Creek Spring Point NW - SE 2 9N 7E
Buchanan Neoga SE - NW 31 11N 7E
Carson 1 Greenup SW - NE 11 9N 9E
Chezem Woodbury NW - SW 31 9N 9E
Church of Christ Crooked Creek SE - SE 23 9N 10E
Church of God Crooked Creek NE - NE 26 9N 10E
Concord Neoga NW - NW 31 11N 7E
Cutright (or Herr) 1 Union ? 15 10N 10E  Yahoo Map   MapQuest   Google Map 
Davison 1 Union S 1/2 ? 21 10N 10E
Decker Union SE - NW 8 10N 10E
Drummond Neoga SW - NE
Duck Pond Crooked Creek NE - NE 4 9N 10E
Elliot(t) Spring Point NE - NE 8 9N 8E
Farmer Sumpter SE - NE 10 9N 8E
Faunce Spring Point NE - SE 34 9N 7E
Feitner Greenup SW - SW 15 9N 9E
Fox (or Heath) 1 Cottonwood SE - NE 33 11N 9E
Friends Grove (or
Sumpter SW - NW 27 10N 9E
Garrett Union SW - SE 23 10N 10E
Goodwin (see Bear Creek)
Greenup Greenup SE - SE 2 9N 9E
Greeson 1 Sumpter ? 5/6 9N 9E
Hagen (or Haggins) Cottonwood NW - NE 12 10N 8E
Harmony Greenup NE - SW 25 10N 9E  Yahoo Map   MapQuest   Google Map 
Heath (see Fox)
Herr (see Cutright)
Hill [Union] ? [8] [10N] [10E]
Hutton (or Sconce) Cottonwood SE - SE 11 10N 9E
Illinois Central R.R. Union SE - NE 32 11N 7E
Jack Oak 1 Union SW - SE 6 10N 10E
Jewett Woodbury NE - SW 24 9N 8E
Johnson (see Union)
Kingery Spring Point SE - NW 36 9N 7E
Kirkling 1 Union ? 7 10N 10E
Liberty Hill Greenup NW - NW 25 9N 9E
Lillyville Spring Point NE - SE 30 9N 7E
Lockhart 1 Neoga W - NW 30 11N 7E
Long Point (Church) Union NE - NW 24 10N 10E
Long Point (Creek) Neoga SE - NW 22 10N 7E
Macedonia (or Yanaway) Union NE - NE 12 10N 10E  Yahoo Map   MapQuest   Google Map 
McCormick (or Webster) 1 Cottonwood SE - SE 28 11N 9E
Montrose 2 Spring Point SW - SW 36 9N 7E
Mt.Zion (see Block)
Mullen Spring Point NW - SE 30 9N 8E
Neal Union SE - NE 2 10N 9E
Nebo Union SE - SE 32 11N 10E
Needham Spring Point NE - NW 34 9N 7E
Neoga Neoga SW - NE 18 10N 7E
Northway (see Boots)
Paul Greenup NW - SW 17 9N 10E
Prentice 1 Greenup S 1/2 11 9N 9E
Quaker (see Friends
Railroad Crossing Neoga SE - SW 32 11N 7E
Ruffner Crooked Creek NW - NE 34 10N 10E
Ryan 1 Cottonwood SE - SE 34 11N 9E
St.Rose of Lima (see
Salem Sumpter SE - NW 8 9N 9E
Sconce (see Hutton)
Tippett Cottonwood NW - SE 10 10N 9E
Toledo Sumpter NW - SE 31 10N 9E
Troxel 1 [Greenup] ? ? ? ?
Union (or Johnson) 1 Union N 1/2 30 11N 10E
Upper Berry Sumpter NW - NW 24 10N 8E
Washington Crooked Creek SW - SE 2 9N 10E
Webster (see McCormick)
Woodbury 1 Union ? 27 9N 9E
Yanaway (see Macedonia)
Zion Neoga SE - SW
? Sumpter SW - SE 17 10N 9E
  1  The exact location of these cemeteries is uncertain.  Their plat location and placement on the map are approximate.  If you have any information on the precise location of these cemeteries, please contact me.
  2  St.Rose of Lima Cemetery is the northern part of Montrose Cemetery.  I believe it may be a Catholic cemetery.
 *  For information on how to find a location with plat data, see the Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales web site.  The "section part" data, refers to section quarters.  For example, "NE - SW" refers to the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter of a particular section.  Multiple designations mean the location spans more than one quarter.  For example, "NW,SW - NE" refers to the nortwest and southwest quarters of the northeast quarter of a particular section.  This is all described at the above-mentioned web site.

If you have any additons or corrections to the map or other information above, please contact me.  Thanks.


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